Pathfinder: Meet Urwen

Pathfinder is basically a newer, more streamlined version of Dungeons and Dragons (at least, that’s how I understand it). At the moment, I’m involved in a campaign called The Flowers of Paradise. My good friend Dave is the DM, and my fellow adventurers include buddies Brendan and Shubham, as well as my fiancĂ©, Luke.

Dave describing a frighteningly tall foe
Dave describing a frighteningly tall foe

I play an Elven Druid by the name of Urwen (which means “fire maiden” in Tolkien’s Elvish). She is currently level 7, and I’ve always pictured her to look something like this:

Art by Cypritree on DeviantArt
Art by Cypritree on DeviantArt

Urwen has got pretty decent ability scores: Strength 12, Dexterity 20, Constitution 10, Intelligence 15, Wisdom 18, and Charisma 10. At the moment, she possesses four feats which aid her in combat: Point-blank Shot, Mounted Combat, Natural Spell and Rapid Shot. Her fighting style consists of mounted archery, acrobatics, spell-casting, and, of course, setting her animal companion loose on anyone who comes too close!

As a druid, Urwen has formed a magical bond with an animal – in her case, with a male tiger called Seatao. Urwen’s loyal companion is inspired by a real life tiger currently living at Tiger Canyons in the Karoo. If you don’t know about the Tiger Canyons experiment, you should definitely check it out. My uncle John Varty (known fondly as JV) runs the show down there, and he is incredibly passionate and committed to the project of saving the wild tiger. Here’s a photograph of the real life Seatao:

Photo by John Varty
Photo by John Varty

He truly is a magnificent creature.

The story of how Urwen came to form a bond with Seatao requires some exposition. Urwen grew up in Elwynn Forest within a community of Wood Elves – many of whom were druids. However, Urwen had always felt somewhat out of place. The other elves her age were tall and willowy with dark complexions, but Urwen was short and fair with long white blond hair. Appearances aside, the Wood Elves were far more sociable and outspoken than Urwen, who preferred solitude and silence. Only when Urwen came of age in the Elven community did her parents reveal that they had found her abandoned in the woods as a baby. Unable to locate her real parents, they decided to raise her as their own. For this reason, Urwen instantly felt a connection with the small male tiger cub she discovered all alone in the woods. After investigating the den site, Urwen established that the cub’s mother had been gone for several days and was unlikely to return. She decided to save the cub and perform the sacred bonding ritual. As a result, they became inseparable companions, and Urwen named the tiger cub Seatao.

Art by Aomori on DeviantArt
Art by Aomori on DeviantArt

Soon after these events, Urwen decided that she wanted to find out who her real parents were, so she and Seatao set out on the road, leaving their beloved forest far behind. One fateful night, not long after she started her journey, Urwen was thrown into a quest with a stout Dwarven Samurai (Khilian – played by Shubham), a shady Human rogue (Jack Rambler – played by Luke) and a highly paranoid Elven Wizard (Maeglin – played by Brendan)… and the rest is history!

I will be writing more about Urwen, Seatao, their friends, and all their exciting adventures in the weeks to come!


Find out more about Tiger Canyons and the amazing work done there:

The featured image is by bluefooted, and you can find more of her beautiful work here:


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